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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Mathus View Post
Thanks so much Dead Things! You have finally cleared up everything for me and it makes sense. Given the decrease in performance I may stop folding on both my HD7950 and i7 920 and just folding on my i7 920 if it will be better overall.
In my experience, eight threads is usually around the cut-off of where it stops making sense to combine GPU and CPU folding. My guess is that you are probably coming out ahead with both, but not by as much as you might think. So if it's just raw PPD you're after, then I'm sure the status quo will work for you.

The main metric that most concerns me, though, is PPD/W. I try to limit myself to 30 amps for folding due to the cost of hydro. So squeezing as much PPD out of every watt is important to me. And unfortunately, PPD/W is not a metric on which GPU folding does well. So if you pay for your own hydro, you may find that the extra little bit of PPD you net from running both clients simply isn't worth the extra hydro costs.
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