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Another program to check out is called: 'FAH gpu tracker" which IMO is great for newcomers to folding. It provides dead easy smp and gpu client setup under windows and provides some basic point monitoring as well. I think it uses the 6.34 folding client, not the latest v7 or whatever it is now, so basically it just doesn't support the better core for AMD gpu's. But AFAIK, cpu and nvidia gpu folding is great on it.

Also, (just my 2cents btw) but with your video maybe you should start with a "beginners guide" to folding. Perhaps hold off on the dual 16 core opteron system, and instead have a 2600K or 3930K setup with some GTX 4xx's or 5xx's or whatever. Then show how to setup the smp and gpu clients. I just feel like someone who is considering getting into folding would rather start with their current hardware to learn what it is about/configure clients/ and get the hang of things. I just think that people could misinterpret your video and think that they need to go out a buy a 2P of 4P system just to start folding on, and without a basic understanding of Folding, they are then dealing with server chips/boards, more advanced client setup, more $$, linux.

Anyways, whatever you choose to do I look forward to seeing your video.
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