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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Linus View Post
Alright. Maybe I'll hit up Dead Things as I'm pretty green at all of this stuff (including Linux). Would be handy if I could find someone local, but I'll settle for whatever I can get. Not even sure where to begin as I have zero experience with various Linux distros etc.

3.0Charlie, is there a reason you are not using GPUs and CPUs in the same rig? Which is more efficient in terms of PPD/$ these days? I was planning to configure the dual Opteron machine with some GPUs as well, but is that not recommended?
The thing is that points generated by SMP folding on the cpu are based on a quick return time, so that usually any points that are gained by gpu folding are negated by the stolen cpu cycles slowing down the cpu client's speed.

At present: Linux>VMWare Linux>Windows. As you're probably realizing truly 'optimizing' a folding rig can be a fairly complicated endevour, depending on how far you really want to go.

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