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My System Specs


Linux tools that help ppd are "The Kraken" and "Langouste"

I'm not gonna come off like I know all about these tools, the jist of it is the Kraken keeps cpu usage at 100%, while Langouste offloads the uploading of finished units so that F@H can download a new wu instead of waiting for the finished one to completly upload (-bigadv units can take 5-15mins to upload depending on your connection)

I followed Musky's guide over at the [H] Ubuntu Desktop Installation Guide for F@H - [H]ard|Forum

with 2p/4p systems since you're operating on server boards there is very little for Overclocking opportunities... Most of us are unwilling to risk the stability.... there are ways, but they're more advanced then what most people do with desktops. Custom bios flashes, and flashing your memory's spd values..... not for the faint of heart but there's a couple over on the [H] that have gone this route. For the most part the only speed increases are buying faster cpu's or buy faster ram. I gained 2-3% by getting CL7 ram in place of my CL9 stuff. Instead of OC'ing my chips i've undervolted them, saves some power, runs cooler.

Have an A-1 day!

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