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My System Specs


Then get your Linux skylls up-to-speed, 'cause you'll need it. MP boxes = Linux folding.
And a dual Opty is not a "ultimate folding rig". It's a very decent, potent folding computer, very efficient in ppd / W. Ultimate folding rigs can be defined as quad-590 GPUs on a single board, or a 4P rig using 6176s (48 cores).

This was my quad-9800GX2 rig back then:

This is my 4P rig, using quad 6174s:

This is my ex-2P, what you have in mind:

What do you intend to use for the 2P rig, and maybe some GPU folding? If so, stick to nvidia please...

You could do 3 episodes: 1 for MP folding using Linux, and monitoring via a Windows machine using HFM, 1 for SMP folding in Windows with the V7 Client, and 1 with a multi-GPU setup using the same V7 Client.


"What are points and how do they work": Folding@home - FAQ-Points
"How to join a team" (will obviously include plugs for both the NCIX and HWC teams): Folding@home - FAQ-main
"How to monitor your performance" (there are apps for this right?): hfm-net - HFM.NET - Client Monitoring Application for the Folding@Home Distributed Computing Project - Google Project Hosting
"How to configure for optimal F@H ass-kickery": overclock the CPU and GPU until they scream. Memory speed has shown some improvement. Use 'TheKraken' and 'Langouste' in Linux to decrease tpf and increase ppd.
"Why this is all important": because some of us have lost close ones to Cancer, and some of us have actually beaten the darn thing. Also, Folding@home - FAQ-main.

It's a start.
Hydro-Quebec is salivating...

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