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Default Need a Folding guru to spend some time getting me up to speed

I want to do a F@H "how to" episode for NCIX Tech Tips and would love if someone could get me caught up on the latest in folding (maybe a phone call?). Need to keep things efficient though so unless you're an ub3r expert, please leave it to someone else.

Will be featuring a dual 16 core Opteron machine for the video that will serve as my "ultimate folding rig" and I'll throw some video cards in there as well to basically get the highest feasible PPD in a pedestal form factor.

Want to include information in the video like

"What are points and how do they work"
"How to join a team" (will obviously include plugs for both the NCIX and HWC teams)
"How to monitor your performance" (there are apps for this right?)
"How to configure for optimal F@H ass-kickery"
"Why this is all important"
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