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My System Specs


Gskill Ripjaw X dual channel kits, its the motherboard/cpu that allow the dual-triple-quad channel, not the memory.

Gskill 1600 memory for the dual channel; stuff i.e 2x4gb goes from around $40 for the ram using timings of 9,9,9,24,39(but this can be dropped to 9,9,9,24,30-34) I would look at Gskill. 1600 or 1866 is as good, but find the lowest timings you can for the given speed/price, and if you want to avoid compatibility issues, go with standard heatspreader heights or a touch larger. Example, for Corsair Vengeance, get the ones that use the lower profile not the taller ones, for Gskill Sniper SE/Sniper SE low voltage, any of the Ripjaw kits will work fine as will ARES kits, but the taller ones such as Flares, Tridents, PI series may not.

Just for strictly gaming purposes 8gb is plenty, more then most of us use to be honest with you. Any of the Gskill kits ending in model numbers GBXL,GBRL,GBSR,GBSR2 and such will work fine, as will the newer ARES kits, I have the GBXL 1866 kit, love it, the GBRL/GBXL 1600 kits work splendid as well, the GBXL heatspreader is also quite low, just a touch taller then not having it on there, ~$45 for 2x4 gb of 1600 memory is awesome, you can spend more to get the lower latency 1600 kits as well, which help, but for gaming the difference is not noticeable, even benchmarking 1600 @ 9,9,9,24 or 7,7,7,20 is very little difference, though the 1600 kits with tight initial timings do seem to be able to overclock a bit higher.

Also, no there is not any board LGA1156 that supports triple channel, you can get 1 kit plus an extra stick if you wanted of the same stuff so you max out the slots on that motherboard, but, its the cpu that controls the channels available, not the motherboard.
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