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Question Confused by Real World Data Tranfer charts

Did I miss something? I'm trying to understand why this chart in this review is has different results for at least some(?) of the other compared SSDs. Or have I made a mistake?

For example: On the Real World Data Transfer Charts, specifically the Small File Copy (surely not 10GB as labeled?) the MUSHKIN Chronos (Deluxe) 120GB SSD has a performance of 199.7 MB/s copy from, and 134.2 copy MB/s to.

In the review of the MUSHKIN SSD, dated August 29, 2011, these figures are 159.5 copy from and 130.1 copy to, respectively.

Why did they change? Are your similarly labeled charts not comparable between reviews? Are the firmwares changed?

Appears to make comparisons previously reported dicey?
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