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Unhappy Problem with my hard disk.. please help me..

Hi Good Evening. can somebody please help me about my hard drive i've got a 1tb seagate barracuda 7200.12 cc46. one day after dusting off my hardware's, when i power up my desktop my hard disk seems to be lagging and spinning always with some noisy irritable sound that i've heard before but minimally. i've tried reconnecting it to other sata cables and sockets but it seems the problem won't stop. i also tried diagnostic tools like the seatools for windows in which i tried all the tests and it passed.. i tried defragmenting it with smart defrag in which i choose a fully optimization option but still the problems still there. rarely it become silent and i can play my games/movies/music without any lag. please help me.. i'm in a dilemma right now.. thanks guys
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