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My System Specs


Originally Posted by RainbowMuffins View Post
Actually, I don't mind noise. At all. My previous computer had a side panel missing and a stock fan that went at 3400 RPM, you could hear it from the other end of the house - It didn't bother me a bit.
This computer is silent... too, silent. I can barely see if it's on or off thanks to the Logo light that's broken and you can barely hear it lol

I also figured I'd need to have a 3000RPM fan on the back because the Frio is blowing out air in that fan-mounting-holes-thingy at 2400, and if I put a fan with like, 1900 RPM then it would bottleneck since the Frio is throwing more wind at it than it can handle.

I was thinking of getting a Modular power supply sometime in the future, one that's 600W or more since I know 600W works for my comp. But I'll remember not to go Thermaltake then.
This case is designed so it's hard to get into it... so, it's hard to get off. The feature of the case is that it has a handle because I carry it back and forth to my friends a lot, so having the side panel off creates a few issues that was a reason I wanted an entire new case (along side with the handle and how good it looks)

So saving up for the H80 is a good idea you think? If I'm gonna save up for that water cooling unit then I suppose I don't need to bother with the 3000rpm back fan since the Water cooling socket goes there.
The H80 is honestly the best Sealed WC unit made to date. It combines the pedigree of a Canadian WC team (Coolit) with the refintement of Corsair. A match made if there ever was to be one.
Combine that with say a Blademaster or Typhoon fan and you should best that FRIO in your case without fail. Just don't use the stock paste on it, they pile it on thick.

If you are going modular PSU something like a Silverstone Strider Plus, Corsair HX or AX would suffice.
Its not that TT on a whole is bad. Their Grandpower units are pretty decent. Right now however they are still on a kick of crap OEM's that your hard earned money shouldn't be wasted on.

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