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My System Specs


I'd say no to the memory cooler if your case has adequate air flow. In general, small fans make really annoying sounds.

Definitely get the 2600k. You'll appreciate the hyperthreading when doing your 3d animation. 16 gig of memory is fine too if you're doing 3d animation. It's just an extra 40 bucks if it's too much anyways.

For the powersupply I always recommend the ax series from corsair. An 850 watt will be more than you'll ever need. I always like having more power than I ever need as modern power supplies will not even turn on their fan if they have plenty of amps to spare. If you can't afford the ax850 then a 750 watt is just as good.

On the corsair h80 I would ask you to consider a tower cooler if you have the room. It's 110 bucks on the corsair website, just as much as a top of the line air cooler.

My main case is that the fan noise is rated at 22-39 dba, where a noctua NH-C14 is 10-19 dba. I cannot hear my three noctua case fans, all rated at 20 dba running at max voltage even with my case lid off.

The noctua nh-c14 also comes with premium thermal paste (skinii labs (sp) tested it as better than arctic silver, and almost as good as proilmek (sp)) and undervolt cords to quiet it down ever more, if u want.

Corsair does make a version of the h80 called the h70 where you supply your own fans.

Good luck!
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