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My System Specs


Originally Posted by RainbowMuffins View Post
Can't do much about the ambient temperatures unfortunately. Water Cooling is neato but from the reviews and that I saw, the Frio beats a low end water cooling system (Kuhler 620, etc.) and I'm not sure if I'm up for spending a lotta money to get a system I'm going to have no clue how to use.
This case can only support the single fan water cooling from the looks of it, too. (So Corsair Hydro H100 wouldn't fit)
I mean I suppose if it's a garunteed to push it down some difference I could save up... but to be honest the Frio was supposed to be good in all reviews as well and it's not living up to its standards for me. With this temperature and a case not so great in cooling I don't blame it though.

Aye aye, Captain! I was thinking of putting in the 'Scythe 120mm Ultra Kaze 3000RPM Fan' for the back, so that way the RPM is faster than the Frio so it doesn't cause any troubles.

To the motherboard.

Yeah that's pretty much how it is, temperature wise. I want to keep it under 65 is all. I may be able to do that with the addition of fans, but I suppose I didn't pick the best case for cooling too...
The FRIO will only beat a Low end WC sealed unit when its Given AMPLE air to do so.
The H80 is a double thick double pass RAD that is designed to maximize cooling in less than ideal Airflow situations.
It will do better than the FRIO for sure.
That being said , I would pull the Spectre off of the MB and run it full speed via direct to PSU. THe Ultra KAZE is a very loud but fast fan. You don't like noise but you might change your mind running one of those full speed.
Otherwise get all the fan slots set, and running max and see where it stands from there.


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