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My System Specs


8gb of memory is plenty as well, a few choices for gskill would be any model using the GBRL, GBXL, GBRM, GBSR identifiers. also I would go with the 1600 class ram, overall its performance benefit, and the small amount extra it costs is worth it.

If you do go 560 go for the 560 448 cores in SLI, or a single 7950/7970, much more performance, the 7950/7970 overclock like mad, and gain a ton of performance when you do.

Power supplies, Corsair/XFX/Seasonic/Enermax/NZXT, I would not be using Thermaltake. 750w+ is fine for any high quality pwoer supply for dual 7970/7950 or 560Ti/560 448 core. Seasonic X-760, XFX 750, HX750, Enermax Platimax, NZXT HALE, all wicked good power supplies with excellent build quality, and they can run thier rated wattage+ with no problems.

Core i5 2500k for gaming, no real need for a 2600k, if you were going that route, step up to a Sandy-E a few choices in there, the lowest of them being a quad with hyper just like the 2600k and its faster for not much more.

For the cooler, you could also go, H50/60/70 and put 2 fans on it for push/pull would be cheaper and outperform the H80, for the 2500k compared to 2600k you could step down a model or get a decent air cooler and you would be perfectly fine.

Also for motherboard, totaly up to you, but ASUS P8Z68-v or -V pro are way excellent motherboards, and they are full size ATX, much less likely to have spacing issues this way, and if I recall, they all have darn close to the same features, overclocking headroom etc, the -V is lower cost then the Gene as well.

For the memory cooler, you really do not need it unless you plan on chasing world overclocking attempts, DDR3 at 1.5v doesnt get anywhere close to hot enough, especially Gskill, its not needed as long as your computer is not in an oven, the standard Ripjaw or Sniper heatspreaders work perfectly fine, its more decoration then anything else.

Edit- MOST games show very little to no performance difference, between a 975 and a 2500k/2600k there are a few games, yes, but that does not make the Core i playable and the Phenom unplayable. BF3 as an example scales very well on AMD hardware. a 975 clocked to say 4.1-4.2 is plenty fast, especially with a good motherboard such as M5A99X EVO or Sabertooth 990FX. The only thing Intel does offer on some motherboards is slightly more performance from thier IO such as SATA performance and such.

Very few games show a massive difference, especially at higher resolutions, you are talking a difference of maybe 2 FPS or so with both at stock clocks, in single card use, and multi-card.
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