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I would say $300 USD / CND is not possible unless you buy used off BST section. An old AMD X2 with 2GB of RAM should be enough to stream and torrent stuff. I tried software RAID on Ubuntu 10 and it takes forever to initialize. I have yet to try motherboard hardware RAID and my 3Ware card is collecting dusts because Seagate 7200.11 & 7200.12 have problems with hardware RAID. Surprisingly, Hitachi DeskStar 7100 does work with hardware RAID or so they claim in their spec sheets.

Looking at this week's NCIX special, there is an AMD A8 with a Gigabyte board for $200. Add 8 GB of ram and it will come up to around $300 before any sort of tax. Given how expensive HDDs currently (with projected shortage until late 2012), I sure hope you got old ones to hold you over or win the lotto. Looking at integrated CPU prices, by the time you add another SATA card or RAID controller, it will be way more than the $300 stated above. ITX board have limited space and at most I see 4 SATA ports. May as well get a mATX with 6 SATA port with RAID support.
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