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My System Specs


The 2 extra pins are grounding wires. The psu uses this as a signal that its ok to supply more power down the cable. on the 6 pin and the 8 pin, you will notice with the 8 pin, that there is a little "wing" between 2 of the pins, you can use an 8 pin in a 6 pin pci-e power slot by gently cutting this wing, so use this as an idea of how to properly plu the 6 into the 8. Generally speaking, as long as you have it correctly installed it should work fine, however, it is "supposed" to only slide in one way, they do this on purpose.

Or you could look for something like this CableHero Dual 8-Pin (6+2 Pin) PCI-Express 2.0 Power Adapter Converter Cable from 2x 4-Pin Molex for Gaming Video Cards: CABLEHERO-PCIE001: Electronics Ultra, Logisys, and various other makers have thse out there, you can get these for like $4 or so.

Also, the 8 pins, if what the one lad is saying, you should or can have 2 6 pin and 2 6+2 pin which are 8 pin that have a little tab that allows the extra 2 pins to hange loose until it is "hooked" together, or even possibly 4 6+2 pins, same rule applies :P
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