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Originally Posted by RainbowMuffins View Post
Yeah there's a BitFenix 200mm on the roof that's going at about 450 RPM. Can't get it to go any faster, but due to the design of the case it's kind of blocked as well... It gets some airflow through just not the whole fan, and much lol.

If a 200mm one is fine I'll go BitFenix for the front since this is a BitFenix case and all, it should fit.
To note I only have two places for fans; Front and back. The roof came with its own fan.
Our Spectre 200mm fans (Not Spectre Pro) run at 700rpm. Is the fan connected to the power supply or the motherboard?
With a 32-36 ambient temp, I would assume if you mounted the heatsink properly, idle temps would be around low 40's. Another 30-40 degrees on top, due to stress usage, I would find very acceptable. Not going to get any lower than that, unless you increase airflow/get air conditioning.
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