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Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
Most fans with the exception of Panflo/Delta/Vantec are 25mm thick.
Go with whichever option is cheaper and more practical for you. The 200mm one (get the bitfenix one if you do) is probably going to be a lot quieter and throw more air into your case.
For that matter maybe get a bitfenix one for the top as well to give you a LOT of air movement.
The rear needs one even if you have one up top venting.
As well I bet that your 560TI is dumping heat into your case (that was alleviated by you taking the side panel off).-ST
Yeah there's a BitFenix 200mm on the roof that's going at about 450 RPM. Can't get it to go any faster, but due to the design of the case it's kind of blocked as well... It gets some airflow through just not the whole fan, and much lol.

If a 200mm one is fine I'll go BitFenix for the front since this is a BitFenix case and all, it should fit.
To note I only have two places for fans; Front and back. The roof came with its own fan.
Now what is also making me wonder is, how do I go about the back fan?
My frio is going at about 2450 RPM to blow the heat right out of that area... but if I get a fan that spins slower than the Frio, wont it cause trouble? Like wise, if I get a faster one will that cause trouble?
I don't imagine being faster would have that much of an impact, but slower maybe...

Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
Are the Fans on your FRIO controlled by your MB or hooked right into your PSU?
I have one hooked to my mobo which is manually set to full speed (little nozzles on it let you adjust it) and one is directly hooked to the power supply. I wanted them to go at full speed, I don't care about sound... this is pretty quiet considering my last computer, though lol.
Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
Which TIM are you using?
What's a TIM?

Also I did a bit of cable management last night, there's a lot less cables between the front of the case and the graphics card/etc., and while the other side of my case looks like a jungle at least it seems to have cut off a degree of heat.
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