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My System Specs


Originally Posted by RainbowMuffins View Post
For the front of my case it allows me to have 1x200mm fan or 2x120mm fan (So it says!), which one should I get?
The front of my case only allows a ##x##x25mm fan in dimension. I got a 180mm fan for the front that was pretty great for intake, however... well, it's too big so it couldn't fit.
Part of the horror that is the front fan is that, the grill isn't too big for the front, and that just behind the fan there would be a HD cage. If I got the 200mm, half of it would probably only go through cause of the hard drive cage in the way.

I'm confident my heatsink is on properly =)
It was mounted and remounted 3 times over. The first time I hit 68C when testing, then when my friend had a look he said the thermal job was bad and spread it out - then tested it again, hit 98C. So I did it myself and my temperatures went to 64C. (He had an aircon on)
We aren't sure if the mounting bracket is on an angle since you can't really see if it's in right due to its size and all, but I'm confident it is. The thermal paste that came with it wasn't very good so we replaced that on the third try too.

Most fans with the exception of Panflo/Delta/Vantec are 25mm thick.
Go with whichever option is cheaper and more practical for you. The 200mm one (get the bitfenix one if you do) is probably going to be a lot quieter and throw more air into your case.
For that matter maybe get a bitfenix one for the top as well to give you a LOT of air movement.
The rear needs one even if you have one up top venting.
As well I bet that your 560TI is dumping heat into your case (that was alleviated by you taking the side panel off).

Fair enough if you feel you mounted the HSF correctly.
Are the Fans on your FRIO controlled by your MB or hooked right into your PSU?
Which TIM are you using?


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