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Default Anyone tried GPUGrid with F@HSMP?

Hi all,

As the title states, I swapped my GeForce 550Ti over to GPUGrid because of BOINC's option to automatically halt GPU crunching when the computer is in use. I'm doing this because I have to switch to either IE or Firefox for some school stuff I'm doing, and F@H GPU will hit me with horrible GUI lag on those browsers (oddly Chrome and Opera are fine).

Right now I'm crunching acemd2_6.15_windows_intelx86__cuda31 and I don't notice any GUI lag (even while crunching) and my usually squealing GPU is also quiet.

I don't see any GUI lag but I'll see what happens over the next few Tasks (aka WUs). Is anyone else using this BOINC GPU + F@H CPU combo, and noticing anything detrimental like the two clients fighting for CPU cycles?


Oh, and those who haven't used HPCS to overtake me can do so now, as I'm down 8500 F@H PPD due to turning off F@H GPU
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