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heya doods..not sure if we have any doodets :)

I was surfing the BOINCiverse and saw the top Canadian Team in 4th place so sent the admin a message. I was then contacted by them and I'll just repost his message

Hey there Scratch!

Nice to here from more Canucks! Well I can tell you that Team Canada (the BOINC version) is doin' great and we have set up a team forum We have really been shooting up the rankings with the addition of new teammates from all over the BOINCiverse from many different teams, some real heavy hitters too (SysAdmins and generally techie folks)!

Seeing as the hardwarecanucks are just starting out with BOINC maybe you might consider joining our team? No pressure, just a thought. We are the Number One Canadian Team (Largest too! 8^D) and I dare say the most organized. We encourage members to participate in our "projects of the month" (POTM) where we vote for a project (or 4) to lend our support too en masse. With over 80+ BOINC projects (more all the time) we find it a good way to "spread the love" and educate our BOINCers about new projects and those that need a little help. SETI, Rosetta and Einstein (Folding as well) are very popular and don't need as much support as new and lesser known projects.

Funny you should message me as I have "Lurked" around your forum previously and even added a link to it on our forum some time ago! lol Us Canucks gotta stick together ya know!

Anyway, enough of my verbal diarrhea, hope to see you at our forum or around the BOINCiverse!

Pawly (Paul)
we only have us 4 active members so its up to yuou guys if you want to stay HWC or join Team Canada?
We have however jumped from 290 to 209 within 3 days
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