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Default Gaming Sunglasses, your thoughts for Work and Gaming

I was contemplating picking up the Gunnar SteelSeries Desmo Sunglasses after watching the webseries The Controller after a few of the professional gamers said they help cut down on glare and eye strain of looking at a screen for long periods of time.

The reason I'm thinking of getting these, or something similar is that my eyes are slightly more light sensitive ever since laser eye surgery then they used to. If these things cut down on glare and eye strain it could help me reduce the amount of headaches I get at work from staring at my 3 work monitors for most of the day (and be used for gaming as well). Well that and from the florescent light that's essentially right over my desk (and I'm slightly sensitive to those as well).

I was wondering if anyone had any gaming sunglasses and if they noticed an improvement from the negative effects of prolonged use of a computer monitor for work or gaming.

Review of the product from one site:
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