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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
If you are going from the 6600 to the FireGL you will DEFINATELY want to wipe the HD and reinstall the drivers.

In the past I have had nothing but pain when switching between Quadros and FireGL cards.
I know what you mean. i've also had that experience.

however, the problem remains...the firegl when installed onto my Tyan k7 wont show anything on the monitor. The system originally came with an Nvidia Quadro4 which is quite out dated.

Right now the FireGl is running in my A 64 3200+ system (with an agp 8x slot). I would like to do a swap. 6600gt in and A 64 system and the Firegl in the Dual AMP 2200 due to the fact that i do most of my modeling on the Dual AMP. And i usually render on theh A 64
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