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My System Specs


well, I would see how much RAM your system is currently using, MOST users only need 8gb, you are better to get dual larger sticks then 4 smaller sticks for performance reasons, however, the smaller capacity sticks are usually alot easier to find.
If you are already using Gskill ram, just add another kit of the same stuff for like $40, you then have 16gb of installed ram which should be plenty more then you need, not to mention, the GBXM kits are exceptionally good, quite low cost, and are very nice for overclocking purposes. 2 kits of the same stuff=4 total sticks=16gb usable ram.

If you really are into getting the best performance from your system, set a paging file per harddrive/SSD in use on the system, the Initial size should be set for 1.5x the total installed Physical memory, the Maximum size set for 3x total. I have 8gb installed memory, I have Initial set for 11500mb and maximum set for 17500mb on a partition total size of 20450mb, so its not quite the 1.5x and 3x but is more then enough, and I never run out of virtual memory. its just a suggestion. It will make sure you are getting the most out of your ram, your system, and using the hard drives to thier best ability.

For motherboard. ASUS V or V PRO, the V PRO is a touch better then the standard V but not by much, and you can save like $30 or so, and still get an excellent board no matter what you plan on doing with it(overclocking or what have you) $170 vs $190 or so. FYI not the V LE, V LX, V M, just the standard ASUS P8Z68-V or -V PRO :P

The rest of your build looks ok, though if you have not already, do make sure the SATA is set to AHCI and such, generally it makes sure the SSD is running at its best.
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