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My System Specs


I guess the OP never replied if the wireless printer is connected to the router (unless I missed it). My guess is that the printer is connected to the laptop wirelessly, somehow. So, my suggestion is to confirm it first:

1. log into the router by typing your router url into a blank web page in your desktop.
2. check if you find the printer is connected to the router, if not, do the same with your laptop.

My other question is if you are using windows (7, vista, xp), or are you using linux. If you are using linux, you need to connect desktop to printer manually via System-admin-printing and then click connect.

As for 5 ppm vs 4 ipm, I don't think there is a real world difference. This specification says printing the same page 5 times or 4 times in a minute. If you want to compare speed of printing different pages, you need to look at other benchmarks, or review websites for these printers.
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