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My System Specs


*sigh* so there are no smaller ISPs trying to compete? i thought they'd pop up to provide alternatives, isnt that how a market is supposed to work?:(

I'd love to go back to Tokyo & Seoul, but all my family is here in Toronto, and im in my late twenties so if i want to start a career in Toront/Canada nows the time to do it.:p Tokyo is just an incredible city, 33million ppl packed in an area the size of Toronto!:0 Its surreal & so futuristic over there! i already miss it.:(

I guess if u guys got used to it, i will as well... the only big downloads i do are games off of Steam during their massive sales. I have 350gb of games from them, and in Tokyo i always just left unused games on the Steam servers knowing i can download them anytime. I guess i should've just bought a massive 1tb hdd and downloaded everything so i never have to worry about download caps.:p i dont buy steam games EVERY month, but i guess then they have their summer & Winter sales i'll just hafta be really picky.:p
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