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eh. gameplay will very rarely equal combat for me but thats most like just me.

But I dont understand, arcade combat has been around for a long time, its been done well before, I do not understand why everyone is touting this as the second coming. Its just arcade combat.

I did replay the demo just to see if I came away with a different opinion. Really only played it in the first place to get ME3 stuff. And quite honestly, its not for me, sure the environment is pretty, but most models inside that environment are lacking, lipsync is terrible, and quite honestly I got bored hacking away at bogarts while running around doing the starting quests. Maybe it gets better further into the game but I'm not going to spend the 60 to find out. I cant judge the story as I did more of the side quests, premise is interesting but cant go further than that.

See I think I always prefer first person for the most part, Bethesda has a good thing I think that you can see you but at the same time you dont have 2. Dragon Age and KOTOR type tatical combat is the only third person gameplay that I can live with. And I'm getting the impression its much more of a console game, havent actually read anything written from the PC perspective yet or seen any opinions of it
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