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I've been fiddling with it for a while now and I got it to work. :) I did what you guys said and tried to lower the settings but not resolution, so I stuck the textures and shadows down the lowest and now it's at a constant 50 fps. :D I am so happy. I'm guessing my GPU's were getting filled to the brim so they dragged my cpu through the bottleneck and it stutters. Now my CPU barely moves when on the perfoverlay graph, only time it gets some usage is when I die, open the menu or check the scores. Graphics cards are still being used a bit too much but atleast I can run it now. :). Definitely gonna be looking to buy a new GPU soon though, hopefully a 580 if I get enough money or a 6970 for that extra V-RAM and possibly invest in some faster bigger RAM. Thanks again for the help guys. :)
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