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Default 250gb cap @ 50Mbps for $99 @ Rogers?!?!?!

Hello, im just returning to Toronto after living in Tokyo & Seoul for the past 6 years (for work), and coming back to set up internet was insanley shocking!

Rogers "ultimate" plan is a measly 50Mbps, with a ridiculous 250gb cap, for $99?!??!?!? I almost chocked on my food looking at that. I mean, are there some smaller IP providers that are cheaper because that's highway robbery!!!

Do give you an idea what i was paying in Seoul, i had unlimited broadband, 100Mbps, and i paid $35 a month!!!!! Tokyo, the most expensive city in the world, i had the same plan for $49 a month. Downloading 20gb games on Steam took a about a half hour and i didnt even think about usage caps.

What on earth is happening in Canada? Toronto is the largest city and they're charging $99 for a paltry 250gb @ only 50Mbps? And everyone's fine with this? It's friggin insane! Tell me there are smaller IP providers that provide more reasonable rates? what a shock!

I imagine its done to combat piracy since they're also a cable provider? Would that be correct?
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