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Originally Posted by Silent_Avenger View Post
The cannon should be faster because ppm and ipm is the same unless doing something like duplex printing. Google ppm vs ipm and you'll get quite a few sites that explain it. Also I did mention before if you had drivers for the desktop or not. If you don't have the cd you can go to the manufacturer's website and download the drivers directly from there.
oh yeah you did say it. maybe i read too fast.

now i got my hands on the cd driver. follow the screen..... when searching for the printer in network..... it says cannot find. it says to press a button on the printer and the lcd should tell the address in the lcd and put that address on the box and click search.... still cant find.

is there something im missing? oh yeah it says plug in the usb from the printer to the desktop temperary but i did not cause the printer is on the other room. i assume is unesscessary. is it right? or this is why it dont work?

i also go through everything in the laptop and it allows everything.
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