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Originally Posted by Phill View Post
Dimitry what is the point of dust filters on the top of the case? Do people use the top fans for intake? NZXT Switch 810 Case Review - YouTube

Thank you
Yes sometimes people do use the top as an intake. More or less in a 2011 socket build where the vrm heatsinks are usually at the very top and get better cooling with an intake setup rather than an exhaust set up. Just my 2 cents anyways.

Originally Posted by SlickEnuf4U View Post
Not impressed. Picked one up and not going to be keeping it. Just don't like the overall build quality AT ALL.

Unfortunately the place won't take it back /rage

Exactly why I don't like NZXT I mean they couldn't even build a fan right. Bought a "200mm" NZXT fan which actually had 190mm mounting holes and had a blades that would wobble like you wouldn't believe didn't even bother to return it friend said he wanted it anyways so I gave it to him. I'm not really trying to bash NZXT but I've just had bad experiences with their products.
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