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Default News for Bigadv folders: new Bigadv16 projects

Update for those folding bigadv:
As previously announced, our plan is to shorten the deadlines of the BA projects. As a result, assignments will have a 16 core minimum. We've been developing the new projects for the new "bigadv-16". This development has taken a bit longer than we expected, but we are now completing internal testing and reading beta projects for bigadv-16. We are bringing a new server online for bigadv-16. It will start by offering a new class of bigadv projects, but we will soon add in a number of projects on the same server that are more similar to bigadv projects donors have already seen. We want to make these work units available for testing, but at the same time we are still examining the points yield of these bigadv projects. So the points valuation remains a work in progress; we may alter points, bonuses, and/or deadlines in the process of testing.
Vijay ends the post with this:
As a side note, we recognize that the number of cores is a somewhat crude measure for system performance. Long-term, we have some ideas on how we'd like to improve this and use better metrics. But in the near term, we are using this admittedly imperfect metric.
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