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I've been gaming at 1920 by 1080, I play every game on this resolution and everything else I play runs smoothly with decent FPS and no sudden drops. I know the cards reccomended res is 1680 by 1050, but BF3 lags on every setting. I even tried lowest settings, with 640x400 (I think?) res, and it still spiked like crazy. I know a 550ti isn't the best, but I was hoping 2 of them would give the same performance as a 560ti atleast. They are the ASUS version and have heatpipes so they have pretty good cooling, I even overclocked them to 1 GHZ and 2GHZ shaders and 2100 on the memory. I don't get what's wrong with it, is it even a bottleneck? or is something else wrong here? the low amount of RAM wouldn't cause a GPU/CPU spike would it?
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