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Default Recommendations please

Ok, it looks like it's time to upgrade my 3.5 year old video card. The current one works fine for most things but time, and software demands march on. I'm not new to hardware selection but am in a small quandry this time due to an abundance of potential candidates.

Current card is a Palit HD4870/512MB ( )

My current considerations:

While the HD7950 looks like it would suit my needs on performance, power needs and cooling,m not only is it pricey but the open-source OS support is a bit ambiguous at the moment.

The only nVidia that seemed to fit the bill for price/performance/capability was the EVGA GTX570 2560. The problem here is that I regularly use OpenBSD which does not function with binary blobs and nVidia doesn't contribute to open-source drivers.

My best option appears to be an HD 6970 (though I'd prefer the pwoer savings of the 7900 series). The question then becomes which brand. Performance of course is important but so is cooling and noise.

One last constraint - thus will be going into an Antec P182 and the middle drive cage is in use so the card can't be too long.

I'd like to keep the cost under $400 (and definitely under $500 ) Any recommendations are most welcome.
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