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Well level 50 pvp is broken, seeing as people with battlemaster gear can rip through anyone not equally geared in a matter of seconds. I'd be fine with this other then the fact I am tanked speced, which means I should be lasting longer then a non-tank, regardless of how much pvp gear I have (3 pieces by the way, rest are with level 49 mods in them or epic 49/50 gear).

They still have exploits in the pvp battlegrounds, and the fact they haven't addresses the valor exploit either. Not to mention the randomly getting stuck bugs, the audio cut outs, the lack of assassin tanking offhands from crafting. What the hell was bioware doing with all their feedback during the months of beta and now the 2 months of release?

I'm getting very close to quitting the game as a lot of this is garbage and ruins the gaming experience for someone who doesn't exploit or can't put 16 hours a day into a game (it's becoming BF3 all over again to me now). Might not even be able to do Ops because of being on a west coast sever (retarded east coast guild i joined pre-launch because of a friend that only pvps) and no one raids early enough for atlantic coast. Don't want to reroll either...
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