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Originally Posted by Dragonstongue View Post
Also, in regards to the H100, it is overkill, an H50 with push/pull, H60 same or H70 same will be plenty sufficent. Its your $, but by far the 2500k truly does not need that level of cooler, its not a 3980x or Bulldozer, it draws much less power, even when overclocked to the wall.

You said you came across a 650D does that mean you now have it, or you were thinking of getting it? if the getting it part, there really is an awfull lot of really sweet cases out there, 650d is a nice case for sure, but I wager, if you look hard enough, you may find a equivalent/better one for probably cheaper to boot :)
Thank you for your response.

I am not sure if H50 has a bracket for 1155 chipset though. I'll check and see if it does.

I haven't purchased 650D yet, but I think its a beautiful case. I came from P182, Fractal Design R3 so you know what kind of cases I am looking for. I just want something simple, not something that looks like it will launch in a few sec.

What would you recommend for a case then? The cheapest 650D I could find was $150 incl. tax.
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