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My System Specs


Seasonic X-760, corsair HX750, XFX 750 are so much better power supplies, a 750 should do fine even for a slight overclock on the 560s, an i7 920 high overclock with dual 480 overclocked will pull around 650-680w, so with a GOOD 750 youll be ok.

Also, in regards to the H100, it is overkill, an H50 with push/pull, H60 same or H70 same will be plenty sufficent. Its your $, but by far the 2500k truly does not need that level of cooler, its not a 3980x or Bulldozer, it draws much less power, even when overclocked to the wall.

You said you came across a 650D does that mean you now have it, or you were thinking of getting it? if the getting it part, there really is an awfull lot of really sweet cases out there, 650d is a nice case for sure, but I wager, if you look hard enough, you may find a equivalent/better one for probably cheaper to boot :)

SLI/Crossfire is nice to have the extra performance, for sure, but you honestly would be better off to just stick with single gpus, less likely to have issues, do not have to deal with power or for that matter temperature issues :O
If I were to go out and get a new card, Radeon 7970/7950 or wait to see what Nvidia releases next. 560Ti are wonderfull cards, but if you are enjoying your games currently, it may not be the gpu that cannot handle them, 560Ti can 99% max out BF3 wiith the proper cpu in a decent system, so Ivy bridge, or overclock what you have, that should help it ALOT :)
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