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My System Specs


Hyper 212+ in push pull, around $35-$42 and its performance sails at this point, though you want 2 of the same fan, the 212+stock fan is a bladmaster 21.2-76.8 cfm model. The 212 EVO is slightly better for the socket 1366 and 2011 chips, but, the 212+ is the best bang for its performance no matter what you put it with(EVO is just slightly better)

The A70 is a better performer out of the box(5c pushed to the max, D14 which is regarded as one of the best air coolers is around 10-14c better) especially with the above sockets, but is also more expensive(MSRP is rough $20 more then 212+ with extra fan, with the A70 you should also use aftermarket therml past, the stuff it ships with apprently is terrible, the 212+ ships with some pretty decent stuff)

So, for its price, considering how much performance the 212+ can deliver overall, no matter the cpu being used, I say its the best all round. the CM 212+ is 158mm tall, I can get it to fit in a coolermaster 590 but its tight, the A70 on the other hand is that much larger all around, and apprently slightly noisier, so it would not fit in alot of tighter cases, its dimensions are just to large.

The other thing wth A70 and many like it(dimensions wise) is by having the 2 fans on it, there is a very high possibility of blocking the use of some ram slots, as it seems to be not quite as tall(from the cpu socket) and thicker, so if you are using non standard ram sinks, the compatibility is not the greatest. The 212+ with the brackets lets you slide the fan up/down so you can avoid compatibility issues and it is slightly thinner as well. In my case, with Ripjaw X GBXL model in a Raven 3 and Phenom 955, the 212+ works awesome, 4.2+Ghz 1.44+v and highest temps have ever gotten for me was 47c-52c after hours of benching, gaming and such.
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