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Originally Posted by BADPhoenix View Post
I am wondering if this is a worthy upgrade, I like the amount of space inside of the Cosmos II and am seriously considering this upgrade because of the level of mod-ability built into it, whereas the 800D doesn't exactly fit my tastes as well in the number of active fan ports.

tl;dr I would like to know from anyone that has upgraded from an 800D to a Cosmos II, or has bought a Cosmos II as an upgrade case, what exactly are its benefits & shortcomings and if this a sane choice. I've also considered this because a close friend has expressed interest in buying an 800D and I figure, why not give him a good deal while I'm at it as well.

Thanks in advance

Seeing as I'm totally impartial You should go for it! The only noted downside to the Cosmos II is that there is a watercooling radiator height limit to installing in the top exhaust area. You get roughly 50mm of space which works fine with thinner radiators, but doesn't play so well with fatties.

The mitigating factor here is that you can remove the two bottom hard drive cages and use the included radiator mounting brackets to install a 2 x 120mm radiator on its side in that bottom compartment. You can put up to two 2 x 120mm radiators in that space. Having a thinner triple up top and a double or two at bottom would give you way more cooling potential than you'd likely use.

It comes with a 3 speed fan controller up top that can control essentially every fan in the system. If you don't want the wire mess, these cables are not soldered into the PCB in the controller. They are affixed with typical fan power connectors and hot glue to ensure that they don't fall out during transport. You can easily unplug any of the cables that you don't use.

We've also tested that, should you really want to, an EVGA SR-2 will fit. Cosmos II Supports HPTX Motherboards! | Blog CMHD
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