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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Supergrover View Post

Hmmm I have 6 outputs on my 6970's and you dont get much higher end than a 7970 right now so I am kinda stumped on that comment.

High end GFX and monitors I would go 3xu2711's and either a single 7970 ( your not going to game just office so 1 should be fine for that pixel density)
A 2600/2700 cpu should be more than enough as would 8gb (16gb if you feel the need )of ddr-1600, no need for a multi/cpu solution here it is just going to be office apps , now if you were doing any video editing then yes I could see a multi setup.
A platinum 850-1000w psu Seasonic, XFX, corsair

Since it is a office build I would look for a case that matches either the decor or with the smallest cleanest footprint..
Drop a 256gb SSD for OS and a 4x raid1-0 setup using the largest hdd's you feel comfortable with.
I believe he was talking about the nvidia's.. the ones you listed (580 etc) won't support 3 monitors with 1 card.

Ps, i did say the builds I listed were OTT for his needs but still came in well under budget (assuming he has the monitors)

on the monitors, the dell u27's are great.. also worth considering (if you want to go for a monitor with a higher resolution than HD, would be good to try before you buy) is the Samsung SyncMaster 27A850D

Try these resolutions and size combo's before you buy as they are not cheap but are VERY good.

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