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Default Windows 8 to have no start button.

For anything I hear about 8 that makes it sound appealing I hear 6 things that completely put me off again. The beta is coming this month but I dont know if I'm going to even both clearing a harddrive to put it on.

So the start button is gone apparently according to the Verge. Not quite sure how I'm suppose to navigate windows on a desktop or what was wrong with the start button. For all microsoft says and does Metro is not mouse/keyboard friendly, 1 interface does not work in all situations.

If the next thing I hear is they are transitioning xbox live features and cost to windows I will personally walk the all the way to redmond, knock on the door of their headquaters and then just slap the person who opens it (I would walk up to balmer and slap him but hes bigger and scarier than I am).
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