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Default Gameplay-lacking RPGs have met their match

The headline of IGN's Kingdoms of Amalur review.

I had a post but left for 1 minute and was logged out before I got it posted, damn you IE.

But long story short, I disagree, I think what the reviewer actually meant was more "fun" in relation to the combat, and fun is subjective, some people like watching american football, some like watching European Football, some like arcade style combat some like games that try to be a bit more immersive. I didnt get the same kick out of it, I still easily prefered, Skyrim, Fallout NV, Witcher 2, DeusEx, DAO etc

Yes fun is an important aspect but then again my sister finds the Sims fun, I dont. I got a kick out of saints row 3 but it has no replay value for me and that game's buzzword in every review was "fun".

In my short time with the demo I was not nearly as enthralled as the reviewer, I dont have any
intention of picking up the game. Maybe it is my snobish PC gamer attitude coming through but I think that it is visible that the writer is a console gamer

Yes combat has been lacking and could be better, replaying ME1 has that clear in my mind, but is Kingdoms the answer. Not for me I think.

I'm also getting confused by the term Gameplay. Since when did that mean combat? I always use to think what it was like to play the game overall.

I dont know maybe I'm just to tired to think strait but thats been bugging me now ever since I first read it, I know for certain its off some how.
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