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Originally Posted by Silent_Avenger View Post
The cpu alone is a pretty decent bump and people have been able to get those to pretty high ghz as well. I personally wouldn't go OCZ your older PCP&C would probably be a better psu stick with corsair/seasonic/xfx/antec. Also are you planing on doing SLI in the future or are you just going to run 1 card because 850w is a little overkill. Also Ivy Bridge will be out in the near future as well.

Here's a chart I managed to find hope it helps you: AnandTech - Bench - CPU
First of all, thank you for your honest comments.

Although I never SLIed anything myself, that is my plan once my current GPU can't handle games with all of eye candy features. I am not a heavy gamer but I do like to play FPS from time to time and I want my computer to support it.

Maybe it's better to re-use my old PSU and consider getting a new one when I purchase another GPU. The reason why I decided on OCZ was because I wanted to try a modular PSU that didnt cost too much money.
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