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Originally Posted by Chris View Post
I went out to buy a pair since it was on sale. Plug them in, and run the utility. It is mostly 140 mbps. But, when I copied a file (about 300 MB) from desktop to laptop, it reported about 5 MB/s which is about 40 mbps. Desktop is connected to one powerline unit. Laptop is connected to one of the 4 gigbyte socket in the router. My original wireless N has a connection of 130mb/s, and the transfer rate of the same file is about 3.5 MB/s or 28 mbps.

I also timed the actual transfer time and the speed is about the same as reported by the windows copy software.

Can someone explain if this is ok and working properly, and also why there is such a wide discrepancy between the connection speed reported by the network software vs the speed reported by the copy utility.
(IMO) I'm thinking the possible Data speed between the adapters shown on the the utility is correct, but what your not factoring in is the Read/Write/Tansfer capabilities of the HDD's & BUSes involved.
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