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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
Ding. Ding. DIng. We have a winner....well only kinda sorta.....
In all likihood he is a NV "Focus Group Member" who gets free swag. I know on eliteB's board there is a "the realrollo" whose signature bragged of this fact...or was atleast being honest about his POV and reasoning behind it...until he yanked it BUT through the mircale of google and wayback machine is still easily shown for example: Elite Bastards View topic - SLi coming for AMD chipsets

NOW this is not to say AMD doesnt do guerrilla marketing as ALL major tech companies do it....and its like saying water is wet. Take everything ANYONE says with a grain of salt...including me.
I never take what you say with a Grain of Salt AkG, rather a few hundred grains of powder instead :)

But you are right, in what you say.


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