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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Adzsask View Post
You are referring him to graphics cards that only support 2 monitors... that's why people were pointing him towards the galaxy multi display cards. The cards you pointed out should be recommended to a mid/high end gamer that is using either 1 monitor, or 2.

Hmmm I have 6 outputs on my 6970's and you dont get much higher end than a 7970 right now so I am kinda stumped on that comment.

High end GFX and monitors I would go 3xu2711's and either a single 7970 ( your not going to game just office so 1 should be fine for that pixel density)
A 2600/2700 cpu should be more than enough as would 8gb (16gb if you feel the need )of ddr-1600, no need for a multi/cpu solution here it is just going to be office apps , now if you were doing any video editing then yes I could see a multi setup.
A platinum 850-1000w psu Seasonic, XFX, corsair

Since it is a office build I would look for a case that matches either the decor or with the smallest cleanest footprint..
Drop a 256gb SSD for OS and a 4x raid1-0 setup using the largest hdd's you feel comfortable with.

Originally Posted by 3.0charlie View Post
My knuckles are bleeding from fishing through walls a new CAT6 network cable... I found fresh, untapped electrical outlets...
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