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Red face Questions About Water Cooling


I purchased the Cooler Master Cosmos 2 case from NCIX and I want to Water cool my CPU (Will buy a water cooler video card later). I have purchased the following so far from NCIX:

1. Swiftech APOGEE HD Limited Edition Water Block - 24K Gold Plated
2. PrimoFlex Pro LRT White Tubing -7/16in. ID X 5/8in. OD

I am looking at getting the following Radiator:
Black Ice GT Stealth 360
I am looking at the lower profile so that I can do a push/pull combination where as a thicker Radiator I can only do a pull.


1. Can a 360 Rad fit at the top (underside) of the case?
2. What fitting Size should I be looking at, 1/2 or 3/8 for the Black Ice GT Stealth 360?
3. Not sure if I should go with a Combo Pump/Reservoir or should I go with Individual pump and Res? If Combo what do you recommend considering the Case I have and if individual pump and Res again what would you recommend.

Thanks for the input.

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