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My System Specs

Default New server idea...

Well I'm quite interested in one or three of these servers, there 1u used leased servers which are for sale and have dual cpu's and the mobo specs say it accepts all 5k series, it's also 771 socket based here is a link to the motherboard.
Intel® Server System SR1500AL, Features

I would want to put two SSD's in it in raid 1 (is that possible for this board?) also the seller said it comes with 8GB of ECC ram, do I need ECC ram to upgrade the ram? I would personally like to put 32GB in it just cause this server I plan to host ALL of my projects from it and I have a small VPS doing this sadly...But for cpu's I was wanting or thinking to get two quad Intel Xeon X5460 3.16ghz 12mb cpu's

Now the main server + rack it's in is about 250-300 bucks, he said he would do all three for 750.
Now I just want to ask you guys is this worth it? In the end it's going to be hosting my main site and my other projects and a few personal sites and friends sites. As for the hard drives should I maybe just get two 1TB blacks and toss them in raid1 (can someone suggest me a pci raid card?)

I'm thinking of co-locating with joe's datacenter, currently I'm paying 100 euros + $70 for my master server and my main hosting server, basically I would want to split the server in two as a VPS and host my main sites on half and the master node (that controls all the slave servers) on it's own half so each have a quad core to power then and a nice chunk of ram. What should I do guys?
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