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My System Specs


Originally Posted by goldry View Post
Interesting concept. Will you share these program files between different computers?
Maybe it will be better to replace your notebook boot drive with bigger one?
My notebook is an Asus UX21E 11" Zenbook which has limited upgrade options.

I could have got the optional 240GB Sandisk SSD but if you take a look at the benchmarks in my Adata XM11 thread, you'll see why I got it instead.

Because of the UX21's size, the mSATA SSD had to have all the chips on the same side of the PCB. Adata managed to do it with an SF2281 but only up to 120 GB. Sandisk managed the 240GB but only with their own crappy controller. People were reporting Windows Experience HDD ratings of five and change for the Sandisk, compared to the 7.9 that the XM11 or any other modern SSD will score.

If you look at the UX21's internals, you'll see why it needs such a tiny thin SSD:

The thing is mostly battery with just a tiny PCB along the upper edge. It seems the RAM is under the SSD, soldered to the MB. The SSD has to be as thin as the heatpipe connecting the cooler, CPU and PCH.

As for sharing with other computers, certainly not the program files which will be linked to DLLs and registry entries on the C: drive even though they will be installed to the E: drive.

I might use it to feed ISOs to other systems, but for now I see it as an extension of my UX21 rather than as an external storage device. It affords me the opportunity to install multiple large apps such as games, and still not clog my XM11.

Of course I'll have to plug in the Force3 to run those apps, but it sure beats uninstalling and reinstalling them repeatedly. If there's one game I'm currently hooked on, I'll install it to the XM11.
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