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My System Specs


well Auzentech uses moded creative drivers, creative has a bad habit of using IRQ associated with other things, such as realtek lan and audio hardware/software.

if the browser is crashing, try hitting the little compatibility button in the top right of IE, another thing you can try is to fully disable the onboard sound, you can do this through control panel or you can also use Ccleaner to disable things/clean registry this may help, and also running the Auzentech stuff with admin privaleges.

Sounds strange, but then again, nothing is anything but impossible, especially when dealing with creative :P

Now I also know you can make sure to set the sound card as a default device, and set it up with different default formats for the sound, of this is set to high, example 96Khz this might cause an issue, and you want to set whatever youre mic/speakers are with the enable applications to take exclusive control checkmark turned off, to find these options, right click the little speaker icon on dektop, go to recording or playback device.

The default format is under properties for whatever you are trying to change, example for me Microphone connected to asus xonar DX set to default recording device, when I go to the properties of this, under the advance options tab, the deefault format is the drop box at the top of this, I have mine set as high as it goes, and the 2 boxes that can be checkmarked are unchecked. hopefully this helps
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