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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Pedwar View Post
I don't know what's best increase, multiplier or frequency? Any idea what the best setup for it is? And if you own this CPU, what are your speeds etc?

P.S, Using the stock cooler, So I'm very reluctant to go over 4.2 GHz. (Until I eventually buy an aftermarket one obvously :D )
I'm not sure if it really matters whether you do a frequency overclock, or a multi overclock, or a bit of both, so long as its stable. I think the easiest way to overclock those chips is to just do the multiplier, that way the memory and NB/HT stays constant and you can dial in the cpu's speed without the other components affecting stability too much. I had the fx-6100 and just overclocked the multiplier as far as it would go. You can then tweak the Northbridge and hypertransport if you want to get a bit mre performance. I think on air so long as you are below 1.45V and not over 50 degrees you are safe. There should be a guide on OC'ing the 8150 though, just google it up.
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